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    ACP Virtual Conference

If Covid has done anything positive for me over the past year it was that it led me to embrace the powers of the virtual world. Video calls and meetings are now the new normal.

Although, I anxiously await the days of meeting in person again, I continue to take advantage of every opportunity I can to participate in virtual events.

The ACP Virtual Conference is definitely one worth participating in! It is not too late to register and I would encourage you and your staff to take advantage of this training opportunity.

From now through April 30th there are sessions that will provide something for everyone on your team. All session are free of charge…just another benefit of your MFCP membership.  There are 14 sessions in all. Four sessions from The Leadership Institute which will earn you credit towards your AAE Certification.

Personally, I can share that I have 6 sessions coming up that I am excited to participate in. The Idea Exchange being one. Over the past few years, I have been fortunate to have attended the in person AFCP Conferences. The idea exchange was the one session that always “paid my way”. It only takes one idea to generate new revenue in your market and the idea exchange gives you so many great ideas!

Overall, this Virtual Conference will help bridge the networking gap that Covid has created and I would encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Click the link below to find the program schedule and register today.

Jodi Peterson

If you didn’t get a chance to view the presentations April 9th you missed two really good ones! The first was entitled 8 Things Every Publisher Should Track & Share. It was presented by John Thomas Cribb of Cribb and Associates. The link to watch this session is:

The second session presented that day was entitled 7 Ways to Engage Your Reader. You can watch it here:


GVPS Branding Presentation