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Thank you to everyone who attended our conference last week in Des Moines, Iowa.  It was great from the beginning with Brian Imbus showing us the “Miracles of the Mind” to the last minute of the 3-Minute Idea Exchange.

The attendees were generous and shared their knowledge at the Publisher/Manager Roundtable and the 3-Minute Idea Exchange. Ideas ranged from a how-to guide, sports poster, candy bars with logos, FFA special sections, a Staycation guide, a Legen-Dairy puzzle book and many more. 

Now is the time to heed the advice of other publishers and managers and use some of those great ideas.

I was at a publisher’s summit many years ago and was overwhelmed with the number of ideas we could implement in our publications. I asked the now late Doug Fabian who was sitting next to me how anyone could possibly get so many of the ideas done. His advice was to not try and do them all the day you come home from conference. Put them on a list and do one a week until they have all been done.

Doug’s ideas were the catalyst for the Dairy Star’s Legen-Dairy puzzle book and in addition to bringing our publication revenue, it has brought our readers a much-needed break in the never-ending task of providing food to the world.  

I’ve made my list for this conference and checked off the first one this morning, which was finding a local supplier to put our logo on cheese or a candy bar. I’m excited to see what doors this idea opens.

For those of you who attended, I hope you have a list of ideas for your publications. For those of you who couldn’t attend, we hope to see you at our next in person MFCP event July 12-13 at the Publisher/Manager Summit at the Hotel Julien in beautiful Dubuque, Iowa. 

You may be tempted to stay a day or two extra as Dubuque is a beautiful city with a lot to explore. Check it out at