Presidents Corner

   Our Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Lisa Miller

Do you find this to be a true statement?

Last Friday I was leaving a high school football game and the losing team (48-0) was walking to their bus. I hear a kindergartener say to his mom, “Mom, that football player just gave me a high five!” You could hear the excitement in his voice.

I visited a county park this past weekend. It was a beautiful fall afternoon where the breeze was brisk and the fish were biting. I was walking on the trail and saw an older woman fishing. She didn’t engage me and I figured she was concentrating on fishing, so I simply strolled by enjoying the view of the lake. After returning down the trail, I stopped where she had been fishing to find four small 2- to 4-inch bluegill lying on the grass. Believe me, I am no fisherwoman! (Did you know even singing to them doesn’t make them bite?) But I do know well enough that if they aren’t big enough to keep, you throw them back into the water.

On my walk to the post office, I see the president of the bank walking out the side door in front of me. He proceeds to take the white trash bag and place it into the dumpster behind the bank. This simply speaks for itself.

Actions speak louder than words. The player was showing great sportsmanship by simply acknowledging a younger child, even though his team had just had the wind taken out of them. The woman showed her poor sportsmanship by not following a simple rule to put a small fish back instead of letting them die. The president of the bank showed he isn’t any better than any one of his employees and can take out his own trash.

Every day we have the choice to make the decision for our actions to speak louder than words. Each of us are publishers and, of course, we have all heard the pen is mightier than the sword. BUT after my experiences this past weekend, I took a different look. Should we be more focused on what we are doing within our publications? Should we do more sections that focus on the good for our community? Would our actions then cause our words to be better? Maybe we should take more time to get to know employees instead of focusing on email? How could we utilize more organizations such as MFCP?

We all hear the negative when mistakes are made; however, very rarely do we hear the positives as publishers. This week we did a section that celebrated a 125th anniversary for a local business. We received a compliment back stating what a nice job we did and how nice it looked. Not a large money-maker, but yet our actions focusing on them probably created a buzz within our readership. I definitely see that as a win-win.

As publishers we have overcome several obstacles over the past 18 months. I believe the surviving publications are in the positions we are today because of our actions during the hard times. Don’t let the negative actions impact your outlook. Be the publisher that wants their community to shine within your publication. Take the necessary actions to be the good so, in turn, your words within your publication are the good in a community. Take action to reach out to other MFCP publishers and touch base.

Start the fourth quarter with the right actions.