MVP at Work

By Jordan Huxford

We all want a happier life, don’t we? During our monthly MVP call, we discussed the importance of time management and how to leverage that for a happier life. A group member shared a short clip to get our discussion rolling.

The professor sets a jar out and fills it to the top with golf balls. Next, he fills the space with pebbles, and, lastly, the rest gets filled in with sand. Each time the professor adds something new, he asks the class, “Is the jar full?” and, each time, the class responds with a resounding “Yes.”

The professor explains that the golf balls represent the important things: family, friends, health and passions. The pebbles represent the other important things: your car, job or home. And the sand represents everything else, the small stuff that fills up your life.

Our group discussed how the way these things are viewed can vary person by person. I viewed the golf balls as what defines me. My family and friends are important to me along with the activities I’m passionate about such as making quilts, obsessing over my garden each spring and staying up far too late reading. Of course, if it weren’t for my health, I would not be able to enjoy any of it.

Perhaps if you’re passionate about cars, that’s a golf ball for you rather than a pebble. Or if your “life’s purpose” includes your job, that’s a golf ball for you. A woman in our group said, without her faith, she would not be who she is today, so she classifies faith as a golf ball.

Make sure to fill your life first with the big things or you could lose yourself in things that aren’t truly important to you. Filling the jar with sand first won’t leave room for what you want out of a happy, fulfilling life.

Just when you think the jar couldn’t get any fuller, the professor pours in a bottle of beer to show that the jar was not full. He uses the point to illustrate that, no matter how full your life appears, there’s always room for drinks with a friend. Additionally, your life can’t truly be full without relaxation and good company.

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or bogged down, evaluate your jar and make sure you’ve saved that small bit of room for drinks with some friends.