From the Office…

   From the office…

My how time flies!

The calendar pages are flying by quickly!  The year is more than half over and that means it’s time to turn our attentions to ordering the 2022 wall adhesive strip calendars.

As in past years, these are free to paid members. Our intention is to distribute them at the Des Moines fall conference (September 17th and 18th).  Please note: if you won’t be attending conference, we can make arrangements to have them shipped to you. So, don’t let that stop you from ordering.  Click the link to be taken to the order form (or just send an email to:

Are you interested in serving the association as a board member?

The nominating committee of Greg Birkett, Deb Weigel and John Draper met recently to discuss the open positions for 2022.  A recommended slate of officers will be presented next month and voted on at the Annual Convention in September.  If you or a member of your team are interested in knowing more about possible open positions, please let us know.  You can email and your information will be forwarded to the committee.

PUBLISHER’S CALL – A lot of members were ready for some football and our team of coaches  – John Adams, Kathy Napora, Joyce Frericks and Missy Traeger – did not disappoint.  They each laid out details of their programs and provided handouts.  We normally don’t record our Publisher calls – but made an exception for this session.  If you would like to have access to the audio, please send me an email and I will send it and the support materials you way.  (

SHANE GOODMAN IS OFFERING TO BUY YOU A DRINK….or two or ten! In conjunction with the fall conference, Shane and the folks at Big Green Umbrella are putting on a Summer Stir – Doesn’t the name just sound refreshing?!!  The Summer Stir will take place on Thursday, September 16th in downtown Des Moines.  The group will visit several area downtown businesess where they will be offered a sample of a signature drink designed by them just for this event.  You can sign up for this event when registering for conference. The first 100 people to register receive a free admission to this event.  So, hurry!  Sign up for conference today!!


We already know that MFCP has some of the most talented designers in the nation.  And, the ACP/MFCP T-shirt contest is their chance to let their creativity show! It’s tradition that ACP holds a T-shirt design contest every year for the convention.  This year is no different.  Your designers are encouraged to enter.  The winning design will be featured on the 2021 conference T-shirts.   The winning design will be printed on a navy T-shirt and can have no more than 4 spot colors.  The winning designer will receive bragging rites, free T-shirt and a $100 AMEX gift card.  Submit your design ASAP to:


We’re hosting our always popular 3-minute idea exchange at the fall conference.  To enter an idea please fill out the entry form and submit to the ACP office no later than August 20th.  Let’s show the nation what we’ve got!  Enter your ideas today!

GOOD HELP IS HARD TO FIND!  And, that old adage is especially true today. MFCP has developed an employment special which makes it easier and more cost effective for your advertisers to fill their open positions.  Now through the end of September we’re offering a buy three weeks, get the 4th week free special for all employment related MCN ads.  Ads reach up to 1.9 million homes per week and can contain 30 words.  All for the low price of $249 per week! You can find this ad special and more on our website: (members only section: password: freepaper). Download the info sheet and share it with your team today.


    Overcoming the 6 Most Common Advertiser Objections

Media salespeople that can effectively handle objections close 40% more business

By Ryan Dohrn

Handling objections is a skill that every media salesperson must master. Amidst selling during this global pandemic, objection-handling has taken a little bit of a different twist. Having worked with almost 30,000 salespeople around the globe, I’ve found that objection-handling is a skill that most salespeople think they have mastered, but that most fail at when put on the spot. Handling objections and not coming across as argumentative or arrogant has a lot to do with being well-practiced. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a 1,000 times … professionals practice and amateurs wing it. Who do you want to be?

At face value, most objections from advertisers are best handled with a success story and not a fact or a statistic, based on my experience. Right now, Brain Swell Media’s most recent data suggests that seven out of 10 of our advertisers are buying from an emotional perspective. We have to be very careful about using statistics and data in the sales process. Of course, using data does have its place. But I think you’ll see below that when we dissect the six most common media sales objections, there are several ways we can handle them without having to give a fact or a stat. You will see here that I’ve detailed the six most common objections that I encounter on a daily basis as I’m selling advertising media. You will also notice that these are written out much like a script. Please do not come across to your advertisers as a script-based sales executive, though. Rather, this is set up in such a way that you can practice by yourself—or better yet, with a peer—and get ready to roll.

Objections occur in three scenarios that are easy to replicate and practice around: 1.) When booking meetings. 2.) When you’re face-to-face. 3.) When you are virtually hosting a sales call. And with any of these three, preparation is the key to overcoming objections.

Common Media Objection #1:

Advertiser says: “I‘m good.”

Media Sales Executive: “Good as in?” – (Be silent and listen.)

Advertiser says: “We have enough business.”

Media Sales Executive: “Great. Sounds like we need to move you from a new customer marketing plan to a thanking-your-current-customers plan. You do want to thank your current customers, right? Our marketing options cover more than just new customers. We help your customers engage more deeply with you, as well.”

Common Media Objection #2:

Advertiser says: “We are cutting back on marketing until the pandemic is over.”

Media Sales Executive: “I can certainly understand your concern. When you say, ‘pandemic is over,‘ what does that mean to you?”

Advertiser says: “Well … over. Dead. Etc.”

Media Sales Executive:“My concern is that we are having a moving target date here that is very hard to predict. Advertising does not produce instantaneous results. People need to see your ad many times before they react. Other business owners like you are keeping their names out there so that when the customer is ready to engage, they think of them first. And that is the key—to keep your business top-of-mind.”

Common Media Objection #3:

Advertiser says: “I have no budget. It’s all spent.”

Media Sales Executive: “What about Advertiser A, B, and C?” – (You name three current advertisers.) –

Advertiser says: “What about ‘em?”

Media Sales Executive: “I truly feel that your absence is their opportunity! They are all seeing results after a few months of marketing with us. How about I quickly show you some marketing ideas that are working?”

Common Media Objection #4:

Advertiser says: “My Facebook page works well for me.”

Media Sales Executive: „I love to hear that you believe in marketing on social. We love social media, too. The issue is that nearly every business is competing for eyes on Facebook. So, what are you doing to stand out from your competitors?” – (Also, explain that social and digital are different.)

Common Media Objection #5:

Advertiser says: “No one reads the paper/magazine any more.”

Media Sales Executive: “May I ask you a question? [OK] Whatever your answer is, please don‘t worry about hurting my feelings. [OK] Do you personally read our newspaper? [NO] It is not surprising at all for me to hear that no one reads the paper when you yourself do not read the paper. It‘s ok. The survey of one is totally normal. What I can tell you is this … if we published even one sentence of negativity about you, your feelings would be different about how many people read the paper. Your phone would ring off the hook. Traditional media is not a get-rich-quick plan. It is a tested and proven way to put your name in front of X number of readers every week so that when a customer is ready to buy you are the business they think of first.”

Common Media Objection #6:

Advertiser says: “Word of mouth is my best marketing vehicle.”

Media Sales Executive: “The problem with WOM is that you lose control of your marketing message. You are asking untrained people to carry your marketing message to the masses. Are you confident they will say what you want them to say about your business?”

Advertiser says: “Yes, I am.”

Media Sales Executive: “What if they had a bad experience and did not tell you?”

Advertiser says: “What do you mean?”

Media Sales Executive: “In a word-of-mouth scenario, a bad experience can spiral out of control on social media.”

Objection-handling is one of the most critical skill sets that every serious media sales executive should possess. And yet, were you aware that seven in 10 professional sales executives have never taken any type of formal sales training? I guess that’s good for me being in the sales training business, but it’s a bit scary to think about so many people selling without a formal framework for sales success.

So wherever you fall on the spectrum of training, I encourage you to use these and other scenarios to create some type of flashcard system where you can practice with your peers. I’m not a big fan of role-playing, necessarily, but I do see how practice makes perfect. And serious practice will produce serious results. So I would find a practice partner—someone you trust—and practice these scenarios one-on-one until you are smooth and prepared. It’s important because the worse thing you can do is practice when you are on a sales call. Your advertisers deserve better than that!

Remember, if sales was easy, everybody would be doing it. And they’re not. So we’re either a little bit crazy … or we‘ve found careers that will feed our families for a lifetime.



Meet Our MVP’s


Tiffany Gardner       Amanda Hoefler      Carrie Fowler       Kari Jurrens

Tiffany has stepped in as the leader of the MVP group.  She is an 8-year industry veteran and works for Woodward Communications in their Platteville location. Tiffany was previously a member of the AFCP Rising Stars.  When asked about that experience, Tiffany said: “with strong leadership and many amazing industry professionals, I gained invaluable knowledge about many aspects of our industry. I am very excited to be the leader of MFCP’s MVP group. I look forward to working with this extremely talented group of women. I hope to offer them the same inspiration that “Rising Stars” had offered me.”

My name is Amanda Hoefler and I am an advertising sales rep for Dairy Star. I never saw myself working in the newspaper industry but I have been here for 3 years and love it! I enjoy building relationships with my advertisers and helping them grow their businesses. I grew up on a family dairy farm so I am happy I still get to work in the dairy industry. I currently live in an old farm house which I am slowly working on renovating in my free time. I also still love to help on the dairy farm on the weekends and after work when needed!

My name is Carrie Fowler and I am a Graphic Designer for NE Iowa Publications. I design ads and layout pages for the Oelwein Daily Register, the Independence Bulletin Journal and the Waverly Newspapers. I started working in the newspaper business during the summer while I was in college, mostly typesetting and proofing, but because I had used Adobe InDesign in college they begin training me to design ads and now after 17 years I don’t think I could stop! I am also a youth minister part time in Marion, Iowa. I live with my partner of 8 years, Phil, and we keep ourselves busy by playing many different board games and role playing games in our free time. We like to do as many creative projects as we can get our hands on.

My name is Kari Jurrens and I am an advertising representative for New Century Press. I have been with the company for 11 years and love the continually changing yet challenging work environment. My favorite part about my job is freedom to change specials and ads based on each advertiser. I love the relationships I have created with each customer and how each one is so different yet so similar in the same sentence. I am married to my best friend, Brandon, and we have 2 children, Cameron (or CJ) and Lily. We live in Rock Rapids and race in our free time.