Focus on Staying Focused

Amanda hoefler
By Amanda Hoefler

Happy June! With summer in full swing, there are lots of specials and events free community newspapers have to get ready for. As for the MVPs, we are in a bit of a lull between the conferences.

During our May meeting, we discussed different ways we stay focused at work. With the strict deadlines we all work under, we know we need to stay focused and prioritized.

Many of us shared that we find it beneficial to get up and walk away from our desks for a few minutes when getting stressed. On the other hand, when we find ourselves having trouble focusing it is a good idea to set timers. Others find muting notifications is beneficial when focusing on a specific task.

Some suggested apps like “Google Keep” have your to-do list in one place and limit distractions. For me, good old-fashioned paper and pen to-do lists help me keep focused and from feeling overwhelmed. What are some of the ways your team members and yourself stay on-task?