From the Office…


It’s full steam ahead in our office after the 65th Anniversary MFCP Conference. There is so much I need to say in this article, I’m not sure where to start!

First off, thank you to all the participants that attended our Thursday night Pub Crawl and full day conference on March 6th! It was awesome to see everyone, feel the excitement at the Idea Exchange and from there our noon awards luncheon.  Kudos to our talented speakers at our sessions, our Associate members at the Vendor Showcase and we concluded the big day honoring our past presidents at dinner.  I think the highlight of the evening was giving out the Distinguished Service Award to Shawn (oops…I mean Shane) Goodman!

If the above is not enough, we also kicked off our “Midwest Jobs Advertising Network!” You can place all your employment ads through this new network and give them a “ZIP” by placing them into Zip Recruiter.  Your advertiser will be so pleased with the results!  It is an exciting time to sell this because of the employment up-tick from our advertisers.  Call our office for the details.

One of the best emails we received this week came from Ursula Mentjes, our sales track presenter:

Hi Kelly, It was great to meet you as well and thank you for your wonderful hospitality and congratulations on a successful event! I really enjoyed connecting with the attendees—they were all so eager to increase their sales. Lisa, Greg and your entire board were also so friendly and helpful! Warmest Regards, Ursula Mentjes

I have had a request for Ursula’s Power Point presentation. If you would like one sent to you, please let me know. Also, she wanted to pass along the message if anyone has interest in her Sales Camp, they can just email her directly at with Sales Camp in the subject line and she will assist you.

Next, I must mention the past presidents that were in attendance. We would not be here today, if it wasn’t for the donation of their time and talents throughout our 65 years. Lisa Miller, Trevor Slette, Peggy Loveless, Steve Fisher, Joel Klaassen, Linda Hawk, Shane Goodman, John Loveless, Greg Kytola, Rich Paulsen, Mona Garwood, Deb Weigel, Peter Gardner, Jack Matthews, Greg Birkett, Bob Hulstein, and other honored guests including Patti Ehmsen and Sandy Gay.

Do not forget that the awards presentation is on our website, along with a tutorial on our new data base system which makes it even easier to place classifieds and display ads into other publications. You can see photos from our conference and Pub Crawl also!!

Lastly, I need to give a huge shout out to Lisa Miller and Greg Birkett. They were my “go to” board members and another shout out to all the MFCP board members for their support. If you haven’t seen the March issue of Ink Magazine, you need to read the article called; “The State of our Industry” written by Loren Colburn. He was the facilitator for our MFCP January planning session. He praises my board and their enthusiasm, saying:   “…their passion for their products, their industry and their communities is not only obvious, it is profound.” Well said, Loren…thank you so much for kind words about MFCP and the amazing board people I work with!

In conclusion, here is a reminder for upcoming MFCP events: Publisher Summit to be held at Arrowhead Okoboji on July 8-9, 2020; Falls Sales Training Conference with Rob Zarrilli on Wednesday, Oct. 14th and then the HUGE conference with our national association, AFCP will be April 22-23, 2021.

Happy Spring!