Getting into Politics MFCP-Style

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Looking for a piece of the PAC...

As you know, our readers will head to the polls again this fall. And, with that in mind, MFCP is headed to Washington! Well, not us exactly but an agent acting on our behalf will be. That person is working hard to attract political ad dollars to our publications. Our goal is to secure advertising tied to PAC funds as well as state and national races.

This has been a huge undertaking to be sure. We started the process by taking the rates and ad sizes we have for the individual publications from the database and calculating them out as a full, half, quarter and eighth page ads.

Under our current cross-sell agreement if we sell an ad into your publication, we discount the rate 30%. That is not how it will work for the political advertising. The discount on the political side will be just 15%.

Some advertisers will want the option of color on their ad. This added a special challenge because of the wide range of color rates within our member publications. In the interest of time and to help move the selling process forward we chose a set amount for color ($200 full page, $125 half page, $75 quarter and $50 for an eight page) to each publication.

All of the rate data can be found using the link below. What we ask you to do is click the link and search for the data for your pub. The top row lists the state, the 2nd row lists the counties in alphabetical order. Scroll over and down to find your publication. You'll then find all of the info we have on file for your publication(s). Check the data for accuracy.

Are the page dimensions correct? Column inch rate?? Circulation count??

Continue to scroll down the column and you will find the full page black and white rate stated in row 23. Your circulation number is in row 24.

The section in red (rows 29 to 33) reflects the full, half, quarter and eighth page rates for your publication. These rates are commissionable at 15%.

The next section (rows 35 to 30) lists those same sizes in color. Because our rates are all over the board on color (and because we need to keep things relatively easy to sell) we are going with a standard charge for color. $200 for a full page, $125 for a half, $75 for a quarter and $50 for an eighth. Again, the rates are commissionable at 15%.

Continuing down the workbook you will see the rates we have on file for your publication when another member sells into you…in that case rates are commissionable at 30%.

In the event your info is not correct, please send a message ASAP to or give me a call at 715-340-9500.

Time is of the essence. Our selling agent will be headed to Washington in the next week or so. I want to be sure he’s armed with correct data. I hope to hear from you within the next 48 hours.


Lee, Executive Director

Click here to download the Rate Data Spreadsheet