Presidents Corner

Are you Lovin’ Local?

This past weekend I had several advertisers take part in an event they called Lovin’ Local Shop Hop. Businesses included in the “hop” sold clothing, second-hand items, jewelry, home furnishings and more. You purchased a $10 ticket that included a T-shirt, lunch and a coupon booklet. Anytime you can get lunch for $10, it is a score; throw in a T-shirt and it is a win-win.

The interesting part of the shop hop was how effective it was for the businesses. Yes, the idea was to sell items; however, it was also to show shoppers what they had available within their stores. Several times I heard people state to each other, “I didn’t know they carried this.” Eyes were opened to what small, local businesses have to offer to consumers.

The businesses were busy with a steady flow of customers. People were greeting one another with a hug, saying how long it had been since they had seen each other. More importantly, the customers were carrying bags and spending money locally.

Sure, we shop every day, but do we really look at what is available locally before quickly sitting down at the computer and ordering on Prime?

We get caught up in our same old routines that we forget to do the “hop.” We need to adventure out into our advertisers’ stores. See what they have to offer. Prove to them that advertising an item that is unusual will bring in new customers.

Are you doing the “hop”? Don’t forget to open your own paper each week.


Lisa Miller
General Manager
New Century Press