New MFCP Audit Reports

Tim Bingaman, CVC

The new 2019 MFCP audit reports will be issued soon after this session with lots of new opportunities to increase revenue, train your staff, and get all the benefits listed below for free! This fast-paced session with introduce new and exciting programs including the CVC regional & national media buyer peer groups.  CVC peer groups will give you and your staff instant access to the country’s top sales reps for contact, strategy and best practices sharing.

Print is not dead, and we can prove it! We will review the facts, figures and promotion pieces you need for your market.

Digital will not save a media business, but it can be profitable, open new doors, and expand your local audience to the largest it’s ever been.  This session will help you prove it!

Web studies have evolved to offer MFCP publishers custom access to grocery, automobile, medical and professional advertisers who may not be a big part of your paper now. We will review how you can partner with advertisers & potential advertisers to deliver them the information they need to help their business and your bottom line.  It’s easy, it’s free and it will make you more money in 2020.

Bring your calendar! Sign up for CVC webinar training for your staff at the end of this one hour session.