Meet Our MVP’s


Tiffany Gardner        Amanda Hoefler          Carrie Fowler            Kari Jurrens

Tiffany has stepped in as the leader of the MVP group. She is an 8-year industry veteran and works for Woodward Communications in their Platteville location. Tiffany was previously a member of the AFCP Rising Stars. When asked about that experience, Tiffany said: “with strong leadership and many amazing industry professionals, I gained invaluable knowledge about many aspects of our industry. I am very excited to be the leader of MFCP’s MVP group. I look forward to working with this extremely talented group of women. I hope to offer them the same inspiration that “Rising Stars” had offered me.”

My name is Amanda Hoefler and I am an advertising sales rep for Dairy Star. I never saw myself working in the newspaper industry but I have been here for 3 years and love it! I enjoy building relationships with my advertisers and helping them grow their businesses. I grew up on a family dairy farm so I am happy I still get to work in the dairy industry. I currently live in an old farm house which I am slowly working on renovating in my free time. I also still love to help on the dairy farm on the weekends and after work when needed!

My name is Carrie Fowler and I am a Graphic Designer for NE Iowa Publications. I design ads and layout pages for the Oelwein Daily Register, the Independence Bulletin Journal and the Waverly Newspapers. I started working in the newspaper business during the summer while I was in college, mostly typesetting and proofing, but because I had used Adobe InDesign in college they begin training me to design ads and now after 17 years I don’t think I could stop! I am also a youth minister part time in Marion, Iowa. I live with my partner of 8 years, Phil, and we keep ourselves busy by playing many different board games and role playing games in our free time. We like to do as many creative projects as we can get our hands on.

My name is Kari Jurrens and I am an advertising representative for New Century Press. I have been with the company for 11 years and love the continually changing yet challenging work environment. My favorite part about my job is freedom to change specials and ads based on each advertiser. I love the relationships I have created with each customer and how each one is so different yet so similar in the same sentence. I am married to my best friend, Brandon, and we have 2 children, Cameron (or CJ) and Lily. We live in Rock Rapids and race in our free time.