From the Office…

   From our office to yours, Lee Borkowski…

Last week I was on an AFCP group publisher call.  One of the callers shared that a regular full page advertiser (furniture store) had dropped out of the paper because they were unable to secure product. They didn’t want to sell something that may take four months to get in stock.

Other callers shared that this supply chain problem was showing up in their markets too.  A wide variety of items are being impacted….Lawn mowers, Mattresses, Furniture, Bicycles, Used Vehicles and the list went on and on.

What would you say to those clients? How would you go about keeping them in your paper?  Several ideas were shared – from the importance of keeping your name top-of-mind to making sure they understand the need to keep momentum going.  It doesn’t matter if it takes four months for a sofa that is ordered today to come in.  The same will be true when someone orders three months from now.  The supply chain is what it is.

MFCP has a supply chain too.  And, that chain is filled with knowledge.  Our mission states that we are to “improve publications through education, exchanging of ideas and information, while providing an opportunity to participate in programs directed by MFCP”.

Keeping with our mission, MFCP is bringing two great opportunities your way this fall:

#1) Publisher calls – Every Friday – starting Friday, October 9th.  We will spend an hour each week discussing items of interest to the group.

#2) Sales Training – Beginning Thursday, October 8th we will have the first of three one-hour training sessions provided by AFCP and The Learning Institute.  Subsequent sessions will be held on the 15th and 22nd.  One of the course titles is:  “Turning Adversity into Opportunity.” And, doesn’t that just sum up 2020 nicely!!

Watch your email for Zoom info on each of the above opportunities.  I look forward to seeing you on the calls!

Until then, stay well!