Bob Berting Article

Possibility Thinkers in The Newspaper Industry

By Bob Berting, Berting Communications

In this stressful time of the virus, the newspaper industry is making a comeback with advertising sales counselors who come up with new ideas, new concepts, new discoveries and technology. We don’t have employees. We don’t have staff. We have team players in search of creative possibilities. An idea, a new technology is worthless until someone accepts it, runs with it and molds it into something you can sell. Implementation of that which is new, requires team effort.

Today, many sales teams are selling media buyers and major prospects on dynamite marketing packages.

This selling effort is enhanced by what is called “first brain selling” reaching prospects with presentations that sell with emotion and justify with facts. These successful sales teams have charisma, credibility, and trust and get ahead because they know how to connect. They have developed into master communicators who get their sales messages across effectively, powerfully, persuasively and memorably.

Publication salespeople are thinking all the time

If they are thinking of failing, the publication might fail. If they have the feel of success the publication can succeed. As a business friend of mine says “Words inspire and ideas stun, but only deeds can get it done”. Another friend says “If you eat the bread, you’ve got to bake the bread.” The possibility publishers in the industry are building satisfaction into their operation. Advertising salespeople have to feel satisfied…to have a sense of belonging. Every human being needs a vision and are happy being part of a team… a team that has a constant challenge to give their very best. Giving their very best in the middle of a critical, stressful time of the Coronaviris is what is needed.


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Bob Berting is a professional speaker, advertising sales trainer, publisher marketing consultant and featured columnist in several national and regional newspaper trade association publications. He is President of Berting Communications, 6330 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis In 46250 and can be reached at or 317-849-5408